Sunday, August 18, 2013


why do i always be the one that got hurt...
why do i always fall for some people that don't even give a damn about me..
why do i always care for someone that doesn't even want to care..
why cant i get a chance..
i love you.. the love i have for you is so much that i cant even see myself in it..
but you dont seems to care about it.. i know you dont have feels towards me... i know you wanted to be with him as much as i wanted to be with you..
for all the things that i have done for you...all i ever wanted is just a chance..
a chance to be with you..
a chance to stay inside your heart..
a chance to care for you , love you and make you the happiest and the only women in my life...
is that so hard?
why are you rejecting me so it my love for you are very much annoying you?
if so please tell me.. and i will get my self away from you.. so far away until i can stop thinking of you..
i do wish i could do as you say.. but i loose my mind every time i see you.. i cant control myself from wanted to hug you..kiss you.. and i know i should not have do all that, as i am not yours and you are not mine...but i just...cant control myself..
you know.. how many times i have tried just not to think of you..not to put any hope on you.. not to care about you..let you do what ever you want.. but there is always something that makes me stay...
in fact.. i don't wanted to know anything between you and him at all.. but you said that you have no one to talks to.. do you know how much it hurts when i hear you say things between you and him.. do you realize the damage you done towards me whenever you cried in front of me?
 i really wish i could just walk away.. ignoring you...let you go as you wish.. but i cant!!!
i wanted to be for you whenever you fall down.. wanted to be the shelter for you whenever it rain.. and be your only one.. but i know... its just a dream...
i am at the edge of falling apart, i really don know how long i can hold on to myself any longer..